Welcome to Elemental Leaf - A Passionate Celebration of Art and Nature

Welcome to Carla's Art Studio, where the magic of Solar Printing Kits comes to life. Carla, the founder and creative force behind the brand, is an Australian artist who draws inspiration from nature. Her unique product line offers a fun and engaging way for people to create art, regardless of their skill level.

Each Solar Printing Kit includes everything you need to produce stunning, one-of-a-kind prints using only the sun's energy. Carla takes pride in sourcing all materials locally and is committed to using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. At her Healesville art studio, Carla works independently, meticulously crafting each kit by hand, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Carla had a background in the arts and dedicated years to mastering her craft before developing Solar Printing Kits. Her goal is to inspire others to explore their creativity and create their own unique works of art. Since launching the brand in 2018 on Etsy, Carla has continued to reach even more students from all over the world through her online store.

Thank you for considering Solar Printing Kits from Carla's Art Studio. We hope these kits bring you as much joy and creativity as they have brought to Carla. Don't hesitate to check out the hashtags below to learn more about eco-friendly art supplies, sustainable art materials, cyanotype printing, nature-inspired art, handmade gifts, recycled paper, DIY art projects, botanical prints, sun-powered art, sustainable living, and environmental art.